​Kita Kyoichi's work

​北 京一

1971年、漫才コンビ「北 京一・京二」としてデビュー。


75年大阪を代表するロック・ソウルバンド「Sooo Baad Revue」でヴォーカルとして参加。




2003年「横浜フィジカルシアター」主宰。ロックバンド「金子マリ presents 5th element will」結成。現在も精力的にライブ活動中。


​Kyoichi Kita

In 1971, he made a debut as comedy duo "Kita Kyoichi and Kyoji".

After the liberation, he went to LA and worked on pantomime. 

In 1975, he participated as a vocalist in the rock soul band "Sooo Baad Revue" representing Osaka.

He went to France in 1981 and studied under Etienne Decroux, the founder of the modern pantomime.

He established the dance school "Tanz Isle" in Germany in 1983 and was active in the European performing arts world.

After returning ​to Japan in 1988,he has been invited to numerous overseas pantomime festivals while producing

 and directing various shows. In 2003, he presided over "Yokohama Physical Theater".

He formed the rock band "Mari Kaneko presents 5th element will".

He is still performing shows energetically.The exchange with the Kansai art scene, which has a long-standing connection

has been revived around 2012, and gallery exhibition activities have started regularly and up to the present.

​   ジクレー版画






​Giclee art print

Giclee means "spray and color" in French.

Unlike lithographs and silkscreen prints, it is characterized by printing without using a plate.

The original image is converted to digital, and museum quality pigments are applied to high quality canvases,

high grade photographic papers, and Japanese papers.

Unlike conventional printers, it outputs with an inkjet dedicated to Giclee, and the operator makes numerous color adjustments to truly depicts the texture. 

The biggest difference from poster printing is that the artist himself supervises and creates the [work] in collaboration

with the printing studio.

We use German print paper, which boasts a high shelf life of 150 to 250 years and is resistant to oxidation.